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I am in development of computer systems which can prevent an electronic infestations such as a Virus, Malware, Trojan Horse and Ransom Ware from entering a computers BIOS or hard drive through the normal entry points of e-mail, internet, CD, USB, and Wi-Fi and by doing so without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software. 

I have a background of over 30 years in electronic component technical sales, was instrumental in the supply of components used in three satellites circling the globe, have received Canadian Military security clearance, am a VC++ programmer and have been privy to many confidential electronic instrumentation design projects.

Because of the breadth of my exposure to a wide variety of electronic component technologies, I have developed an entirely new class of computer components which enables the above statement to become a cyber secure reality



In order to demonstrate the above statement as being credible, I first need to prove my hypothesis by building a basic Proof of Concept (POC) internet server.  

Once the POC server has been built and hypothesis proven with Virus and Malware hard testing, I will invite government cyber security specialists to send infected e-mails to a specific e-mail address. Those infected e-mails will be automatically returned to the sender, in milliseconds as "no-longer-infected" e-mails. 

Soon after, I will invite them to sit at my computer to visit "known infected web sites", download "known infected files" and save them as "no-longer-infected files".  Additionally, those visitors will be allowed to use any CD or USB drives they wish to use, in order to attempt to infect the ROATI protected POC Server.

At that point in time, as my concept will have been proven to cyber security professionals, I will include their testimony as part of my presentation to the federal government, in order to obtain the needed financial assistance required for commercial product development.

Any previously infected files may now be safely used, stored or shared with others, without the fear of the original infection spreading to others or infecting the host system.  

To develop a POC Server there are three main stages.  

    1/   Determine if the hardware can be built.
    2/   Build a POC internet server.
    3/   Demonstrate technology.

    1/  Determine if the hardware can be built.
I have spent over six months researching suppliers and have had it confirmed by Silicone Valley Giants that all components can be built to my specification.  

    2/   Build a POC internet server.
This is my current stage.  Being that I am a one man operation and due to the lack of funding and specialized technical support, this stage is moving forward, but slowly.  

    3/   Demonstrate technology.
To be done once a POC Server has been developed and technology proven.

Within a ROATI system, there is a major change as to how the hardware and software communicate with each other, resulting in the new method by which the ROATI system will safely read, process, store and share files.

At the core of the ROATI protected system is the modern computer.  Much of the hardware, software and circuitry has been redesigned.  When combined with a new class of computer components, which we designed in house, the ROATI principle becomes a Cyber Secure reality.   

It is my ultimate objective to develop in Canada, a manufacturing, product support and software industry in cyber secure computing.

Markets include, basically anywhere a malicious electronic infestation can infect a computers BIOS or hard drive, such as:  individual PC's, PC networks, corporate and government networks, military systems, process control, electronic tabulation and voting systems, SCADA systems, industrial and medical instrumentation, servers and others.  

Further research is needed to determine if the ROATI Principle can be applied to the IOT and embedded products.  Early indications are promising,

We cannot control password management, malicious insider employees, data base programming, or other internal control systems.  This is the domain of IT professionals.

All we can do is to prevent an electronic infestation from entering the computers BIOS or hard drive through the normal entry points of e-mail, internet, CD, USB, Wi-Fi and by doing so without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software.


Please feel free to contact me, should you wish to know more or you wish to be on the ground floor of a company at the door step of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Security.


Ralph Kachur,
ROATI Technologies Inc.


Protecting Electronic Information


I'm often asked:
how can you develop this when thousands of computer professionals
have not?

My answer is:
gravity had been around since homo erectus set foot on earth

it took Isaac Newton, to see the obvious.

for me the knowledge and experience gained in over 30 years

 of electronic component technical sales, was helpful. 


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